I’ve gone full von Trapp

It started with a set of curtains. 
I sewed them a couple of years ago for my sister’s living room, back when I made that custom upholstered headboard for her bedroom. 
(I couldn’t resist doing the living room as well, with some simple curtains and throw pillows. Oh, and that abstract painting which I stole immediately when she moved.)
When she moved in with her (lovely) (British) (handsome) boyfriend last year, she gave me back the curtains in case I wanted to turn the fabric into something else. 
She knows me.
I’m part of an awesome sewing group on Facebook, run by the maker of my favourite PDF sewing patterns, Shwin Designs, and the challenge for the month was so use one of her patterns in an upcycling project.
You guys know I make a LOT of clothes from OTHER clothes



But this was the first time I turned curtains into pants!

Nowhere Man Pants, to be exact.

It was a total von Trapp moment.

And look how cute this little bedhead-ed man looks in his “curtains.”

(I also made the tee from this pattern, using an old adult-sized T-shirt, and the cardigan from one of my old sweaters.)

Pants pattern
T-shirt pattern

Believe it or not, it was my first time making pants that weren’t leggings. (I make a LOT of leggings. For both kids. Except I sometimes call them “Sporty Pants for Active Boys” when D is concerned.)

I had one oopsie while I was sewing, but it was easily fixed with my trusty seam-ripper.

There are four pockets (double-stitched, even) and they’re so cute!

The lined pockets are my favourite part.

I’m pretty proud of my curtain-pants.

What’s next, I wonder? Throw pillows into sweaters? Turning the pelmet boxes into underwear, maybe?

So what do you think?

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