How to make your jeans fit perfectly (when you have a big butt)

I’ve been big-butted my whole life. In my mom’s side of the family we lovingly call it the Watson Rear.
I used to be embarrassed about my big butt, especially when I think about all of the REALLY UNFLATTERING high-waisted mom jeans I wore in junior high (*facepalm*).
But these days? Big butts are in! We can thank Kim Kardashian for that. (Thanks, Kim!) 
I like my butt, my husband likes my butt, and — most importantly — I’ve learned how to dress that big butt in a way that it looks daaaaaamn good.
(Except for the occasional unflattering pair of patterned leggings that I wear anyway, because I don’t care and they’re comfortable.)
ALSO: These boyshort undies are MADE for a generous booty.
The trouble with having a big, generous butt and thighs (and a smaller waist) is that it’s hard getting pants to fit properly. 
My favourite jeans right now are these DenimFlex ones from Maurices because they have soooo much glorious stretch that they feel like leggings (but have a zipper and button so I can feel like a real human being.)
They’re great for my butt because of all of the stretch, but the waist is too loose for me. If I try to go down a size, they’d probably fit my waist but I wouldn’t know because I can’t yank them over my thighs. Womp, womp. 
“Heather, why not just wear a damn belt?”

I hate belts. 
I don’t like the pinchy feeling when you bend down and your body squishes outward and the belt tries to cut you in half at the waist. No thanks. I need a STRETCHY waist, but it also should not fall down so I’m doing the awkward yank-em-up dance every five minutes.
So here’s my official guide to modifying your too-big-in-the-waist but otherwise perfect jeans, no sewing machine required …

Start by putting your jeans on and pinching the excess fabric (no, not excess skin) at the waist and seeing how much you need to take them in. For me, it was a good one-inch-pinch on either side, which actually takes four inches off from the total waist.

Take the jeans off, turn them inside out, and use safety pins to mark off a rough triangle that will curve the waist inward.

Using a good pair of sharp scissors (this is the pair I’ve had for YEARS and I swear by them), nip off those triangles. 
YES, IT IS SCARY! After all, you don’t want to wreck your favourite jeans! 

With your jeans still inside-out, hand-stitch them back together with your new, snugger waistband. It doesn’t have to be fancy. I just whip-stitched all the way up and then back down to be sure it was going to hold.

Flip your jeans right-side out, and you can barely tell they’ve been modified!

The best part is trying them on again …

I did a little happy dance when I put them on. They are SO much more comfortable now! I’m not hiking them up constantly (which is super unattractive) and I don’t need to wear a stupid belt. 
They hug my butt nicely and then actually FIT around my waist, so I’m no longer giving free peeks of my undies. *jazz hands*

So all my home girls with the big butts, shakin’ it like you’re at a strip club? I feel you. It’s tricky.

Give this a try and let me know how it works! #bigbuttsunite

One Comment on “How to make your jeans fit perfectly (when you have a big butt)

  1. You're really brave! I cannot cut things without ruining them 🙂 hehe I am totally guilty of the unattractive hiking them up! lmao You're right on the money with the belt analogy too!


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