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The F word

… and we’re back! Sorry for that little delay in bloggy-bloggage. For my American friends, this past weekend was “Canadian Thanksgiving” — and yes, I actually think of it as “Canadian Thanksgiving,” because it is such an understated holiday compared to regular “American Thanksgiving.”… Continue Reading “The F word”

To eat or not to eat

Baby Boy was baptized over the weekend, and one of his gifts was the very cool SpaceSaver highchair from Fisher Price. I really wanted this particular one, because several of my mom-friends have it (and swear by it), and our kitchen is NOT big… Continue Reading “To eat or not to eat”

Midnight snack overload

Baby Boy is going through a phase. A very nasty phase. A phase that is making Mommy very, very, very tired all the time. I thought, at first, that it was his three-month growth spurt. He had been sleeping really well, and only getting… Continue Reading “Midnight snack overload”

You know you’re a parent when …

You know you’re a parent when, by 7 a.m., you are so tired of walking back and forth between your bedroom and the nursery for feedings that you seriously consider lying down on the carpet in the nursery and sleeping there … … because… Continue Reading “You know you’re a parent when …”

You’d think I would have wised up by now …

Baby Boy is SIX WEEKS OLD today. I can’t believe it! I also can’t believe I just made such a rookie mistake. I was a zombie when I got up for this feeding, and decided not to change his diaper before I nursed him… Continue Reading “You’d think I would have wised up by now …”