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Babies and beverages

I have been thinking a lot lately about babies and beverages. The liquids they drink in this crucial first year seems to be one of the most CONSTANT things we think about and talk about, doesn’t it? Breast milk, formula, juice, water, cow’s milk,… Continue Reading “Babies and beverages”

Nursing clothes: the good, the bad, and useless

When I was pregnant with Baby Boy, I was obsessed with nursing-wear. Actually, I was obsessed with a lot of things (when labour would start, what he would look like, cheeseburgers, when labour would freaking start already!). But breastfeeding-appropriate clothing was also on my… Continue Reading “Nursing clothes: the good, the bad, and useless”

No boob for you!

I thought I knew a lot about breastfeeding, after doing it night and day for seven whole months. But I learned something new last week.  Namely … it sucks for everyone when you’re forced to NOT do it for 24 hours. I had day… Continue Reading “No boob for you!”

I am pretty impressed with myself …

The most awesome thing I can do WHILE breastfeeding? Play Wii!

Remember me?

Crap! A week has passed without a word from me. I really must work harder at this blogging thing. It’s amazing how little time you have for blogging, when you have this entire person needing you every second of the day. What’s new? Well, Baby… Continue Reading “Remember me?”