You know you’re a parent when …

You know you’re a parent when, by 7 a.m., you are so tired of walking back and forth between your bedroom and the nursery for feedings that you seriously consider lying down on the carpet in the nursery and sleeping there …

… because you know you’ll be back in there in 45 minutes …

… and because the dog is cuddled up in the warm bed, and you feel very, very jealous of her whenever the baby’s cries drag you out of it …

… and being jealous of a dog is depressing.

3 Comments on “You know you’re a parent when …

  1. My sister moved a futon into her nursey for just this reason. I'm thinking when our little one comes along, I'll be doing the same. Hopefully you get some rest soon.

    (By the way, I'm a university friend of Lindsey Bunin's… I started following your blog from the link I found on hers. We've been TTC for just over 2 years so I'm pretty obsessed with all baby and mommy blogs! I've been loving yours!)


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