To eat or not to eat

Baby Boy was baptized over the weekend, and one of his gifts was the very cool SpaceSaver highchair from Fisher Price.

I really wanted this particular one, because several of my mom-friends have it (and swear by it), and our kitchen is NOT big enough for a monstrous regular highchair. This one straps to any old kitchen chair, so your tot can be part of the family at dinnertime, and it even converts to a booster seat for when they’re older. Perfect.

I was so excited to get it that I strapped Baby Boy in the very next morning while I ate my breakfast. He looked so freaking cute in it! I took a bunch of photos, and then I grabbed two baby spoons and a small bowl and threw them on the tray. More photos! Ahh, the cuteness.

And then? The poor kid tried to eat with the (empty) spoons, and tried to pour (invisible) contents from the bowl into his mouth.

Um … why do you know how to eat? And also, sorry for teasing you?

Then he started beating his little fists on the tray, as if to say, “FOOD PLEASE! NOW!” I felt even worse. Darling Husband (and EVERY family member we have, literally, EVERY ONE) wants to start him on rice cereal. Like, yesterday. I go back and forth on the issue.

Baby Boy is turning four months today (October 6), and we are seeing the doctor this morning for his check-up and vaccines. I knowww the doctor is going to say it’s fine to start him on cereal. But the breastfeeding! The advice! They all say nothing but breastmilk until six months! Gahhhhh, I just don’t know.

When I saw him sitting in his highchair, trying to feed himself air, I felt such a longing to give him cereal. He seemed to want it! So I grabbed a bottle of expressed breastmilk from the fridge, and poured some onto a spoon, and aimed it at his mouth. He opened up obediently and sucked it off the spoon. I was feeding him! … sort of? How fun!

He ended up “eating” an once or so, off the plastic spoon. Then I poured a little into the bowl and let him try to “drink” it from there. I should probably invest in a sippy-cup or something? I’m not sure. The kid cannot hold a bottle, because he hardly ever gets them. But maybe he would drink from a handled cup?

By the end of his first — er — “meal” (a.k.a. drink disguised as food), Baby Boy’s onesie was soaked in milk, and I had a ton of cute photos and video footage. Maybe I can keep doing this for the next two months? … Maybe? … Ugh, I don’t know …

So what do you think?

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