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W is for weaning

You guys know I’ve been pretty slack on the whole “weaning” thing.  Partially because it’s hard to refuse your Baby something nutritious and comforting that they love and have known their entire life. Partially because I’m afraid I will trade my wicked-awesome boobs for… Continue Reading “W is for weaning”

When you’re lazy about weaning …

So … the formula fight? Yeah, it continues … The good news is that Baby Boy is drinking it a little … sometimes. Not that I can blame him, of course, because it’s disgusting. I try to remember to give him some every few… Continue Reading “When you’re lazy about weaning …”

Eff you, formula!

I did it. I finally — after, like, 10 months of refusing to budge off my stubborn high horse — gave Baby Boy formula. And you know what sucks?HE WON’T EVEN DRINK IT!Arrrrrrrrrrgh! Let me back up … Remember on Sunday night, when I posted… Continue Reading “Eff you, formula!”

When it’s over …

How do you know when you should stop breastfeeding?When do the health benefits of breastfeeding stop?What is a good age to wean your baby? I have been going Google crazy, people. Those are just a few of the search topics I’ve been pounding out… Continue Reading “When it’s over …”

Guest post: When your baby hates bottles …

I’m so happy to announce that today we have a guest post from my fabulous friend, Lindsey, over at like a hamster on a wheel. Enjoy! I’ve been reading my friend Heather’s blog since the day she started it. I’m happy to say that we… Continue Reading “Guest post: When your baby hates bottles …”