Guest post: When your baby hates bottles …

I’m so happy to announce that today we have a guest post from my fabulous friend, Lindsey, over at like a hamster on a wheelEnjoy!

I’ve been reading my friend Heather’s blog since the day she started it. I’m happy to say that we were by each other’s sides from daydreaming about starting our families, to TTC (well, I wasn’t literally there for that part … ha!), to the play-by-plays of pregnancy and motherhood. We’ve each had such unique experiences and learned from each other, A LOT. I’m excited that she invited me to guest post and share a couple of my own stories with you.

There are so many unknowns associated with becoming a new parent — Will my baby be a boy or a girl? Will he or she be born with hair? Will they sleep through the night? Will I ever get my social life back?

Then there were also many things about motherhood that I felt sure about — I would love my baby unconditionally, I would sing to him and rock him to sleep, and I would most certainly change plenty of dirty diapers.

And then there’s that special category … the things-you-thought-you-knew-but-were-so-wrong-about stuff. This is probably where most of your pre-parenthood knowledge will be filed after your bambino comes along.

For us, one of those troublesome subjects is bottle feeding. To avoid any nipple confusion, our doctor recommended waiting six weeks before introducing a soother or bottle to our boy. I was fine with that, and was extremely fortunate to have a positive breast feeding experience.

When they day came to pass the baby to Husband with a bottle of expressed breast milk, I was both excited (for Husband have the experience that I love so much) and relieved (to be able to leave Jacob with his Dad or even with friends or family and regain a bit of my/our freedom).

That moment I was looking so forward to didn’t turn out quite as expected. It was actually pretty discouraging. He would kick up a fuss every time we tried to give him a bottle. And we’re nothing if not persistent. We tried pretty much every brand or bottle on the market. We’ve used slow flow, fast flow, big nipples, little nipples, anti-gas tips, everything you can think of to appeal to his tastes.

Seriously? Isn’t a baby bottle one of the most iconic symbols of new motherhood — they’re on greeting cards, shower decorations and embroidered on onesies. But in our house, they’re the devil.

A few times he decided to take an ounce or two out of a bottle in one sitting. What a little tease. Now we’re prepared to cut our losses and move on. Time for cups.

Every new milestone is exciting. Some don’t necessarily turn out the way we’d expect, but our babies are only little for such a short time. Rather than dwelling on my negative feelings about bottles (or, in our case, lack thereof), I’m choosing to savour the moments we share when I nurse him … and cross my fingers that our next baby will put some of these things to good use.

Have you had parenting experiences that felt so different from other people’s? Share them here!

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back soon to share another adventure in parenting. Feel free to pop by my blog,, and say hi!

5 Comments on “Guest post: When your baby hates bottles …

  1. I noticed that you have a standard Playtex VentAire bottle in the picture. Did you try the wide bottle in this brand? We had to try a few different bottles and we have been using the wide bottles for a few months now.


  2. I've seen numerous folks giving their youngsters bottles at age 3, however weaning from the jug should really be possible around 12-year and a half of age. Indeed, both my kids were weaned off the jug soon after their first birthdays. Weaning was moderately push free since I had set up eating and resting schedules from the get-go. A couple of minor changes in these schedules was all it took to wean them totally off the jug.


  3. In ensuring that your baby's feeding bottle is sterile, you will need a baby bottle sterilizer of your own. There is no denying that babies, as fragile as they are, won't be able to protect themselves while they are still infants.


  4. My opinion does not want to take indicated dairy by bottle. It took several weeks before he'd take any dairy. He would rather wait until I got home. Even now, he likes mama to a bottle.


  5. How lucky for you, mommy! As for me, I’ve had my share of almost to the point of postpartum depression. I just can’t nurse my baby. She’s always refusing for a month if I tried to nurse her until I gave up. I then decided to bottle feed her which gives me the feeling of “I’m-not-a-good-parent”. Believe me, it’s a great challenge to feed her up until now that she’s 2! Can you advise me for this?


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