Eff you, formula!

I did it. I finally — after, like, 10 months of refusing to budge off my stubborn high horse — gave Baby Boy formula.

And you know what sucks?

Let me back up … Remember on Sunday night, when I posted about how I was thinking about when to wean off breastfeeding? Well, writing that post must have been cathartic and helped me organize my feelings, because just after I published it, I basically headed for the kitchen and began boiling water for the first attempt.

I dug a can of Enfamil A+ (exactly as pictured here) out of the cupboard — where I’d stashed it waaaay back when I was pregnant and they mailed it to me for free.

I read the directions. I boiled water. I cooled the water. I painstakingly measured the water and the little scoops of powdered nastiness formula into two sippy-cups (Baby Boy hasn’t used bottles in a month, so I’m not regressing just because of formula). It did not look like milk — breast, cow or otherwise. It looked like … white-ish water.

I tasted it to test the temperature and almost gagged. It was like sour pee! I double-checked the expiry date on the can, but it was good for almost another year. Still … why the hell did it taste so disgusting? I had kind of envisioning it tasting like a baby milkshake, or even one of those instant breakfast drinks — gross, but tolerable.

Within minutes of finishing the mixtures, Baby Boy woke up. Darling Husband had just walked through the door, so I sent him into the nursery with a sippy-cup of chalky-looking white water formula. I hovered in the doorway out of eyesight, feeling kind of sad that this was the beginning of the boobie ending, but also kind of proud of myself for … well … getting over myself and giving it a try.

He was back out a couple minutes later, Baby Boy all quiet and tucked back into his crib. “He didn’t want it,” Darling Husband reported, handing me the barely-touched sippy-cup. “He just wanted to be held. I think his teeth are bothering him.”

Are you KIDDING me?
He didn’t WANT it?

Day 2 (Monday) and Day 3 (yesterday) were not any better. I continued breastfeeding as usual, but offered him some formula in a sippy-cup a few times each day. He drank maaaaybe four or five mouthfuls, once, and took only one sip every other time. Not that I blame him — that sh-t is NASTY!

Now I am kind of … puzzled. I got all riled up over the idea of giving him formula, and it (stupidly) never occurred to me that he WOULDN’T take it easily. I finally want to get this process going, and there is a roadblock I never expected.

Do I try a different brand? I have a different can sitting in my cupboard, too — Nestle Good Start (pictured here) — so maybe that one will taste better? Or is formula SUPPOSED to taste and look that gross?

Boobs are much less complicated.

3 Comments on “Eff you, formula!

  1. I don't think I'd brand-hop unless you think it's hurting his tummy.

    Also, I'll note that my daughter would take formula in a bottle, but not really in a sippy cup, and especially not in a sippy cup with a soft spout.

    But I think it's pretty common for babies not to take formula from their moms who nursed them.


  2. Maybe try using a mixture of equal parts of formula and breast milk to see if that works.


  3. my baby loves formula. she doesn't think it tastes gross at all! but i started giving it to her to replace breastmilk. between feedings, your baby may not be hungry enough to bother trying something new. and sometimes new foods need to be offered like 100 times before a baby will decide he/she likes it, or doesn't. best of luck.


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