W is for weaning

You guys know I’ve been pretty slack on the whole “weaning” thing. 

Partially because it’s hard to refuse your Baby something nutritious and comforting that they love and have known their entire life. Partially because I’m afraid I will trade my wicked-awesome boobs for sad, tiny empty sacks.
But Darling Husband — and, like, everyone else in my life — is very insistent that breastfeeding is NOT cool past the one-year mark. And I respect his/their opinion. I do kind of want my boobs back. And I don’t want to be one of those moms who have a four-year-old and you can see their nursing bra strap and it’s just AWKWARD, you know?

So when Baby Boy turned 11 months, I got serious about weaning. The plan is to gradually reduce the number of times I nurse him each day, but keep breastfeeding — even just a little — until his first birthday, so that I get my Golden Boobies (“award” for 12 months of breastfeeding).

So in the last 10 days or so, I’ve reached a place where I only nurse Baby Boy before his naps, at bedtime, and during the night. There have been a few times where he’s grabbed at my shirt and whined and cried, and I’ve had to try to distract him with something else. Distraction has worked, and then he’s been fine to “wait” until his next naptime or bedtime.

I kind of feared that cutting out these few random nursings during the day would screw him up more at night, but he’s actually been BETTER at night. He’s been eating more real food at meals, and I’ve started giving him snacks at his highchair in between meals. He slept nine hours straight one night, eight hours straight another night — UNHEARD OF for his guy! On his “bad” nights now, he’s only up twice, so we’re doing pretty great.

So far (TMI alert), my boobs don’t seem too different. They still look bigger than they were pre-pregnancy. They only get really “full” looking if he’s slept for a long stretch at night, but they always have milk when he nurses. What’s that? Breastfeeding isn’t about vanity and having bigger boobs? Um, YEAH IT IS!

So what do you think?

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