Category: Trying to conceive

Bet on it

If I was a betting woman — which I am most definitely not — I would bet that I am probably pregnant. Probably. I would probably put 80% of my money on red … or black, or whatever meant that I was pregnant. Because… Continue Reading “Bet on it”

On the fringe

According to my book, I might already be two weeks pregnant. According to my body, “it” really could have happened over the last couple of nights. According to my brain, I realize it might not even happen this month. Whew! What do you call… Continue Reading “On the fringe”

Ticker talk

Big design changes here at Laptops to Lullabies. Or very minor changes that are only noticeable to me? Yeah, maybe it’s that. The biggest news is that I took down our how-long-until-we-can-try ticker: … and replaced it with this when-is-the-best-time-to-try ticker: Yup, it’s offical.… Continue Reading “Ticker talk”

Baby-making basics

What’s the best position for conceiving? Short answer: Missionary Long answer: It allows the deepest penetration, and therefore puts the sperm right next to the opening of your womb. What positions should we avoid? Short answer: Sitting, standing, or woman on top Long answer:… Continue Reading “Baby-making basics”

The results are in …

I was supposed to get my period mid-week (last week). It never showed. I had never been this “late” before. Um … Maybe it was the time difference/jet lag from our trip …?Maybe it was stress …? Maybe I was … pregnant? It was… Continue Reading “The results are in …”