Ticker talk

Big design changes here at Laptops to Lullabies. Or very minor changes that are only noticeable to me? Yeah, maybe it’s that.
The biggest news is that I took down our how-long-until-we-can-try ticker:

… and replaced it with this when-is-the-best-time-to-try

Yup, it’s offical. With Best Friend’s wedding just over a week away, we officially are in the “safe zone.” There will be no altar-puking. There will be no dress-not-fitting drama. I will be feeling and looking great on her big day, so I can relax and enjoy it, which is a huge relief.
We were originally planning on trying on her actual wedding night, but a whole lot of boring cycle-business means the best time to try in July is mid-week — just few days before the wedding. So we are going to try then, for a couple of reasons …
A) I’m impatient
B) It’s unlikely that it will happen on the first try
C) Even if it worked, I will not be puking or bulging three days after conception. I won’t even be able to take a test until the end of the month.
D) I want to conceive in July, August or September (if humanly possible) so I’m not nine months preggo in the summer heat
So yup, a week from now is when the big TTC journey begins! Darling Husband Some people thought it was not necessary to announce my cycle to the entire blogosphere, but as I explained (very patiently) to him …
– You get the cute TTC ticker
– Then you get the preggo ticker
– Then you get the baby birthday ticker
– And then the kid birthday ticker
– And so on, and so on …
I know tickers are dumb, but there is something very adorable to me about how it keeps track of time for me. It’s like a modern convenience — who am I to not accept a free ticker, really?

4 Comments on “Ticker talk

  1. How exciting!!! I love the tickers too. They are cute and helpful.

    Its funny, when you start trying I'll find out if I am pregnant. So here's hoping for both of us!


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