Category: Trying to conceive

How many lines?

How many lines? That would be one. Just one. I’m not pregnant. And I’m kind of down, if I’m being totally honest. I know I’m taking it early, and the First Response package said it was only about 68% effective to test this early.… Continue Reading “How many lines?”

By the numbers

Months ago, I blogged about how the church was encouraging newly-married Catholics — like me and Darling Husband — to track fertility. The idea is that by … um … daily hoo-ha inspection and recording, you can figure out the “safe” times to have… Continue Reading “By the numbers”

Twin talk

I have always wanted twins. Some people think I’m crazy, but it’s true. I do. Twins fascinate me. I used to wish desperately that Little Sis and I were twins, instead of being four-and-a-half years apart. Ever since my dream about the twins —… Continue Reading “Twin talk”

Oh, the guilt … the guilt …

I have heard about “mother’s guilt.” But I thought that started when you actually were a mother. I always thought I would be one of those mothers who was vigilant about not doing anything bad during their pregnancy. I would not touch Diet Coke.… Continue Reading “Oh, the guilt … the guilt …”

What a weekend!

So Best Friend (not pictured here) got married on Saturday afternoon — congrats!!! — and everything went off without a hitch. She looked absolutely gorgeous, we stayed on schedule, and everyone kept commenting that it was the most fun wedding they had ever attended.… Continue Reading “What a weekend!”