Bet on it

If I was a betting woman — which I am most definitely not — I would bet that I am probably pregnant. Probably.

I would probably put 80% of my money on red … or black, or whatever meant that I was pregnant.
Because if I am not … then it means I am sick. I am definitely something.
I felt gross and nauseous yesterday, and feel the same today. The metallic taste and saliva-overload is now in Day Three. I also had a bit of a dizzy spell while picking up wrapping paper for Best Friend’s wedding gifts.
I have been downing lemonade and sucking on mints and orange Vitamin C drops to help with the ickiness. I have no appetite, and at this very moment, Darling Husband is eating my delicious homemade pizza, and I am eating … oh yeah … crackers and Ginger Ale. Seriously. It is all I felt like having.
Something is up. And that isn’t even the hypochondriac in me talking. It is either the flu, a long-lasting bout of low blood sugar, nerves about the wedding, or … the very, very early stages of pregnancy.
10 more days until I can find out for sure!

2 Comments on “Bet on it

  1. And you haven't taken a test yet? I know it's still pretty early, but if I was feeling the way you are, I'd have a hard time waiting to take a test!


  2. I second that, take a test 🙂 I got pregnant as soon as we started trying so I stalked up and was taking tests ALL THE TIME- even when it was too early to get a result. It will ease you mind.


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