Apparently parents-to-be love the mall

It’s official … again: everyone in the world is pregnant but me.
Let me back up: I had a very surreal experience this morning. Darling Husband and I were just at the mall, picking up a baby shower gift for C‘s soon-to-arrive little one.
We hit the baby section of the department store, picked up what we wanted, and headed off to find a cash register. Then …
We were positively surrounded by approximately nine million pregnant women and their husbands.

ME: Oh my God. There are a million pregnant girls here.
DARLING HUSBAND: Yeah, well, it’s the baby section.
ME: No, we’re out of that section. This is just the kids’ section.
ME: And they’re all with their husbands. That could be us in six months!
ME (hissing): There’s more! Over there — by the mens’ stuff!
We paid and headed back upstairs, walking through the ride-on lawn tractor section — for Darling Husband — and the doll aisle — for me. Then we made it to the linen section, where we saw another three pregnant women and their husbands.

ME: It’s official. I have never seen this many pregnant women in my life. The universe is trying to tell me something.
ME: Maybe it’s a sign that this is the month it’s going to happen?
It was at that moment that I heard the loudspeaker announcement: there was 20% off on carseats.
Apparently the universe wasn’t trying to tell me something, by putting me in the middle of a crowd of pregnant women — that was just the all-powerful Sears.

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