Third time’s the charm?

I pretty much expected this, so I’m not super-disappointed like I was in July.
This, of course, means I did not get pregnant at age 25 — which I sort of figured I would be.

I expressed this to friend Cwho is pregnant — the other night, and she assured me that “it happens when it’s supposed to happen.” She told me about a friend of hers who was TTC, and was disappointed that it was taking so long. After a year of trying, she got pregnant within two months of her sister, so they got to go through the whole experience together! She said then that she understood that it really did happen when it was supposed to happen.
I said before that I really wanted to get knocked up in July, August or September, so that I would give birth in April, May or June — therefore not being nine months preggo in the gross hot weather.

C said that she used to think that way, but really, there are good things and bad things with every time of year. Sure, it’s extra-uncomfortable in the summer months, but if you’re waddling around in the middle of winter, you’re worried about slipping on ice or giving birth in a snowbank when your car gets stuck (eek!).
So I am going to try really hard to not care about my age — or which month it “happens” in …
… Really ….
… Although it couldn’t hurt to cross your fingers for September. Maybe the third time really is the charm!

So what do you think?

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