Back in the saddle

I have a feeling …

… I just don’t think it worked this month.

Editor’s note: This is the portion of the blog where I launch into TMI (too much information) territory …

I am still not totally sure I understand the ins and outs (hee hee) of this whole ovulation thing. But from what I can tell, we did it at the beginning and the end of the “good time.”
In between those times? Well, I don’t want to name names — cough, Darling Husband! — but Darling Husband somebody was sick. Quite sick, actually. And so it prevented action from happening in the middle of the “good time.”
I’m counting on that “sperm can live for up to 72 hours” thing, and hoping that the second time wasn’t too late. But really, I have no idea what happens down there. It feels like a secret I can never truly understand.
And so I feel like it probably didn’t work this month. Of course, this is the opposite of last month’s “feeling,” which was “I am totally pregnant. It totally worked. Look how bad I feel!”

Maybe I am trying to reverse-psychology myself? Meh, whatever works.
I am feeling so doubtful, in fact, that I’m already thinking already to September. The trouble with July, I think, was that we didn’t do it enough during the supposed “good time.” And now we had the same issue in August.
The answer? Much, much more sex. I mean every single day that I even suspect is a “good time.” I want to be confident that we tried our darnest. Are you reading this, Darling Husband? Every day!
P.S. Never, ever do a Google images search for “back in the saddle,” when trying to find a photo for your blog. You will find inappropriate photos, for some reason, of “Little Oral Annie.”

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