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DIY laptop storage from a magazine holder

I stared at that wooden magazine holder for a while. It was solid, thick wood and very well made. It could be something. It could have a new life doing something grander than storing old magazines.

Using curtain rods as drying racks in a laundry room

Years ago, my handy husband and I lived in an apartment with a laundry room down the hall. The dryer sometimes failed to dry our clothes properly in a single session, but we’d stubbornly refuse to shell out another $1.25. Our thrifty solution was… Continue Reading “Using curtain rods as drying racks in a laundry room”

DIY bench cushions for built-ins

If we’re ever in a position to build our own house, I’ll be totally prepared. I have a Pinterest board loaded with “if-we-build-a-house” ideas and there’s a common theme: built-in everything. Follow this board on Pinterest Designing your own house is literally my idea… Continue Reading “DIY bench cushions for built-ins”

DIY signpost deck decor

It’s not often that I come across a Pinterest project I haven’t seen before. So when my friend texted a picture of a brightly-coloured signpost — each sign pointing to different north, south, east and west destinations — I was intrigued. This friend moved… Continue Reading “DIY signpost deck decor”

Bench makeover: Giving old furniture new life

Painting a piece of furniture remains one of my all-time favourite DIYs for a few reasons: it doesn’t take too long (unlike walls, ugh), it’s fun to pick a new colour, and it dramatically changes the piece. It also feels indescribably good to give… Continue Reading “Bench makeover: Giving old furniture new life”