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Turn mismatched lamps into matching lamps

Turn mismatched lamps into matching lamps ... and turn one table into two nightstands! {Heather's Handmade Life}

When it comes to decorating around a bed, I know three things to be true … If you have different nightstands, they should at least be the same height. If you have different bedside lamps, they should be the same height and have the… Continue Reading “Turn mismatched lamps into matching lamps”

Makeup table gets a makeover

As much as I love decorating living rooms and kitchens and even bathrooms, my favourite room to decorate is a child’s room — specifically a really girly room. Pink is my favourite colour, I love glitter, and it’s so much fun to choose fabrics… Continue Reading “Makeup table gets a makeover”

No, you’re not a monster for painting old wood

There are plenty of people who think it’s sacrilegious when I paint old wood furniture. I know this because they email me about it. 😉 It’s a personal preference and I get it. I really do. Their argument is that natural wood is beautiful,… Continue Reading “No, you’re not a monster for painting old wood”

Trimming furniture to make it fit perfectly

Sometimes the perfect piece for a room is already lurking somewhere in your house, but you look right past it. That’s what I discovered recently when I was helping a client convert an office into a guest bedroom. She wanted a small desk where… Continue Reading “Trimming furniture to make it fit perfectly”

DIY pallet headboards

DIY pallet-style headboards {Heather's Handmade Life}

I recently made a housecall — yes, I do those — to visit a client who wanted help turning a former home office into a cosy guest room. She had two twin bed frames and I knew immediately I wanted to try building pallet-style… Continue Reading “DIY pallet headboards”