Using curtain rods as drying racks in a laundry room

Years ago, my handy husband and I lived in an apartment with a laundry room down the hall. The dryer sometimes failed to dry our clothes properly in a single session, but we’d stubbornly refuse to shell out another $1.25.

Our thrifty solution was a white metal drying rack that dominated our living room. Sometimes the damp clothes would be too heavy and the whole thing would collapse. More than once, I came close to piercing my eye on one of its metal arms. My mom jokingly called it “hobo junction” during a visit, and it stuck.

These days we have a working dryer that does not accept quarters, and it’s wonderful. Oh, and we’re not fancy enough to have clothes that need to air-dry.

But speaking of drying clothes, I have a fun project for you this week. My friend Melissa and her family recently moved into a new house and I’ve been helping her decorate.

Now, this house has a beautiful, bright laundry room that’s truly the stuff of Pinterest dreams: a deep white sink, farmhouse light fixtures and a washer and dryer set that give me serious appliance envy.


It’s a good-sized space, for a laundry room, but we didn’t want to crowd it with a huge fold-out rack. Luckily, there was a big empty wall that was begging for something interesting.

Melissa got the idea of using stacked curtain rods as drying racks (she loves Pinterest, too) and I was all in …

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