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Turn one end table into TWO nightstands

A magician always has a favourite trick, and I’ve decided decorators do, too. Mine is a simple one that never fails to amaze my audiences: sawing an end table in half to transform it into two nightstands. How do I love this DIY? Let… Continue Reading “Turn one end table into TWO nightstands”

Kitchen chair turned desk chair

Kitchen chair to desk chair {Heather's Handmade Life}

Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to see the things you’ve stopped noticing in your own home. I was recently standing in a client’s foyer, discussing what to pick up for the bedroom I was decorating for her daughter. We needed a… Continue Reading “Kitchen chair turned desk chair”

No-sew pennant banner

Back when my friend was pregnant, she’d mentioned wanting a burlap pennant banner to hang over the baby’s crib (which you might remember from this sweet little makeover). I insisted I’d made one, but then I found myself procrastinating the project. Burlap is a pain… Continue Reading “No-sew pennant banner”