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My DIY dreamcatchers were a nightmare

It all started, as most DIY disasters do, with the prettiest Pinterest image. Whimsical DIY dreamcatchers with gold beads, rustic twine, and pastel-coloured feathers. Surely I could make that! DIY dreamcatchers would be an easy project and look great in our daughter’s bedroom. I… Continue Reading “My DIY dreamcatchers were a nightmare”

Organizing kids’ art supplies

We keep our kids’ art supplies in our dining room. (I say dining room, but really, in these new-fangled open-concept houses, it’s our kitchen table area?) We always have, actually! It’s probably the hardest-working area of our house because IT IS USED CONSTANTLY and… Continue Reading “Organizing kids’ art supplies”

How we’re tackling our daugher’s (constantly) messy room

When I picked up a pair of tights with a gummy lollipop stick attached to one leg, I was annoyed at her messy room. Then I found the candy wrappers — she’s not allowed to eat in her bedroom! — and the chewed-up wad… Continue Reading “How we’re tackling our daugher’s (constantly) messy room”

Let’s get rid of ALL THE STUFF

Every year when I’m taking down the Christmas tree and packing away the decorations, it feels like a treat to get the house back to normal. “This is MY Christmas!” I’ll caption a photo of my clean, clutter-free living room when all of those… Continue Reading “Let’s get rid of ALL THE STUFF”

Slime and punishment

Slime and punishment: Why my kids pranked me, and how I punished them {Heather's Handmade Life}

Why my kids “pranked” me, and how they were punished … Alanis Morissette once defined irony as “10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.” I think a better definition is “when your children are their very naughtiest on the same day the… Continue Reading “Slime and punishment”