The path of destruction

I’ve always made fun of Darling Husband for leaving a “path of destruction” throughout our condo.

If he’s been home, I can literally enter a room and say, “Oh … Darling Husband, I see you re-heated some pizza,” (baggie on counter, dirty plate on counter, used fork on different counter) “walked over to the fridge, got a drink of Coke,” (empty glass on counter, bottle not put back in fridge) “opened the mail,” (paystubs and bills scattered) “emptied your lunchbag,” (dirty plastic containers everywhere) “and then left the room … oh, and then you went into the living room to watch TV” (couch cushions are all askew, remote is wedged between the cushions).

Even though messes make me twitchy, it’s kind of hilarious.
And by “Hilarious” I mean “Amusing … but clean it up nowwwww, please!”

This morning, Darling Husband got up with our darling monster at his new improved new painful wake-up time of 7:15 a.m., and let me sleep in. I would add “for the first time in weeks, because he’s always working so I am stuck with the 7:15 a.m. wake-ups” here, but I’m not a martyr. Nope.

Anyway, 10 a.m. rolled around, he put Baby Boy down for a nap, and then crawled in bed himself. I was awake by then, and got up for the day. I could immediately see every step of what I’d missed by sleeping in …

  • By the highchair in the middle of the kitchen, the empty (gluey-looking) bowl of baby oatmeal, the spoon, the soiled bib, and the globs and Cheerios on the floor, I can deduce that he sat across the room and threw Baby Boy his breakfast in a slingshot
  • By the vast amount of toys scattered all across our living room floor, I can deduce Baby Boy invited in several other seven-month-olds and they had a wild, rousing playdate
  • By the dented couch cushions, askew throw pillows and remote stuffed in between them, I can deduce the morning was a total breeze, and Darling Husband was able to lounge while our son amused himself by bringing his daddy drinks and snacks 

But you know what? I’ll take a little “path of destruction” any day, if it means I get three extra hours of sleep.

So what do you think?

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