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Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 19

Week 19 (Dec. 3 through Dec. 9)  Symptoms: Round ligament pain (a.k.a. stomach tightening/stretching feelings). Dizziness. Tirrrrredness. Where is that second-trimester energy I was promised? WHERE? Body changes: Stomach seems to have jutted out a lot this week. I’ve really moved from that “people-are-going-to-think-I’m-just-fat-and-sticky-outy” to “definitely definitely… Continue Reading “Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 19”

Weekly re-cap

(Jan. 3 to Jan. 9) Symptoms: Heartburn, obsessive nesting, horrific snoring, sinus weirdness, psycho over-reaction, back pain Body changes: Unrecognizable boobs (OK, this has been going on for a while), a definite and major popping of my belly (I look super-pregnant now, all the… Continue Reading “Weekly re-cap”

A wild Saturday night

Saturday, January 9, 2009 18 weeks, 6 days preggo I made my first holiday felt banner tonight! Um, yeah, my Saturdays are super exciting, I know. I cut out felt rectangles for the backs, and glued on felt letters and ribbon with my trusty… Continue Reading “A wild Saturday night”