Weekly re-cap

(Jan. 3 to Jan. 9)

Symptoms: Heartburn, obsessive nesting, horrific snoring, sinus weirdness, psycho over-reaction, back pain

Body changes: Unrecognizable boobs (OK, this has been going on for a while), a definite and major popping of my belly (I look super-pregnant now, all the time, no matter what I wear).

Energy level: High. The nesting spree continued, I sewed like crazy, cooked meals every night, attended two family events, and had a couple of girlfriends over. It’s good to be able to do stuff again!
Cravings: Not anything noticeable. Well, unless you count the BOWL of strawberries I downed after my girlfriends left. I intended to just have a couple more, and didn’t realize I’d eaten them all until my fingers touched the glass bottom. Darling Husband walked into the room at that moment and laughed. He’s sensitive that way.

High point: Looking really and truly pregnant, but not ginormous. I like that I have more a pregnant belly now, instead of just a could-just-be-chubbers bump. It looks good in my new maternity shirts.

Low point: Bad financial news.

Paranoid moment of the week: I was surprisingly un-paranoid this week. I really am getting used to this “being pregnant” thing — good thing, since I’m halfway done! — and I’m way more relaxed than I was in the first trimester.

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