Five great things about the second trimester

  1. No more nausea. It makes bus-riding, eating, and just getting up in the morning easier. And since your hunger has amped up, it’s nice to have different snack choices — and not be tormented by food aversions.
  2. Body acceptance. You actually look pregnant, instead of just bloated — and that’s a very good thing. You also realize that you’re small compared to how big you’ll be in the third trimster — so you really try to enjoy it!
  3. More comfy clothing. You no longer try to squeeze into clothes that are too small. You accept the fact that you are definitely — without a doubt — bigger, and embrace maternity clothes for their delicious stretchy comfort.
  4. Your energy returns. Spending the first trimester on the couch was fine and all, but it’s depressing to stare at piles of dirty dishes and laundry — and not be able to do anything about them. The return of your get-up-and-go is a great feeling.
  5. Nesting is awesome. I must say, our place has never looked better. My obsessive cleaning/organizing/throwing-out sprees have been so helpful. And looking at the finished products — pristine closets, labeled storage bins — is like taking one big shot of happy.

So what do you think?

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