Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 19

Week 19 
(Dec. 3 through Dec. 9) 

Symptoms: Round ligament pain (a.k.a. stomach tightening/stretching feelings). Dizziness. Tirrrrredness. Where is that second-trimester energy I was promised? WHERE?

Body changes: Stomach seems to have jutted out a lot this week. I’ve really moved from that “people-are-going-to-think-I’m-just-fat-and-sticky-outy” to “definitely definitely pregnant.”

Baby movement: A LOT more this week. I guess all my paranoid posts about not feeling it “enough” were heard. Still doesn’t feel like kicks, but it does feel like bumping around.

Cravings: Plain chips. I’m obsessed with them this pregnancy. No other flavour is really doing it for me. NEED PLAIN nom nom nom. The thicker, the better. Also: corn, sour cream, and mozza sticks. Mmm.

Aversions: Pepperoni pizza. I made it myself and everything, but the meat just … no. No thanks.

High point: Getting to finally hear the baby’s heartbeat at our OB appointment! It was 145-155 and nice and clear. (It’s amazing what happens when a NURSE uses the doppler instead of an “It’s-my-second-day-tee-hee” med student uses it.) The toddler was at the appointment with us, so it was nice that he got to hear his baby brother or sister, too. Although he got very freaked out whenever the nurse took my blood pressure or did anything to me. My protective little guy.

Low point: Meeting with an accountant and getting a very depressing picture of work-at-home-ism. To give you a picture of exactly how bleak, I just kept repeating, “I don’t understand. Why would anyone work for themselves if this is how screwed they get in taxes?” and the accountant kept giving me these sympathetic expressions. FML, FML, FML. I am working this hard for basically nothing, apparently.

How does this week compare to Week 19 during pregnancy #1? Haha, well this is kind of ironic/awful: apparently we were having financial troubles at this EXACT point in the last pregnancy. Oh, that is just so gosh darn funny, I could … throw something.

Baby preparation: New category this week! And the answer is … um, none. I have restrained myself from buying ANYTHING or going through ANY of our crates of baby stuff until we know if it’s a boy or a girl. and we find out this Saturday, squeeeeeeeeee!

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