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Life lessons learned on the playground

Sunscreen on warm, squishy little arms is the loveliest smell after the brutal winter we had, isn’t it? The snow is finally gone (well, mostly) and we’re actually getting warm weather again. That means the kids and I are officially Playground Junkies from now… Continue Reading “Life lessons learned on the playground”

The scientific differences between boy clothing and girl clothing

Science was my second-worst subject in school, second only to math — ugh, fractions — but I’m finally seeing a few theories pan out in real life. No, I still don’t know how to determine eye colour or how to fully explain the baking… Continue Reading “The scientific differences between boy clothing and girl clothing”

The unprompted manners experiment

Last week on Instagram, I teased that I was involved in a very high-tech (read: duct-taping my phone to my tripod) video production, and now I can share it with all of you lovelies … It’s funny how screenshots you choose yourself are WAY… Continue Reading “The unprompted manners experiment”