The unprompted manners experiment

Last week on Instagram, I teased that I was involved in a very high-tech (read: duct-taping my phone to my tripod) video production, and now I can share it with all of you lovelies …
It’s funny how screenshots you choose yourself are WAY more flattering than the automatic screenshots chosen by Brightcove, right?

I’ll be doing a fun video to promote my parenting column, “The Mom Scene,” (which, for my non-local readers, runs in newspapers here in Nova Scotia).

My first video went live this morning, to go with this week’s column on manners, so I’d love it if you felt like popping over to take a peek at the video (and, you know, read the full column, while you’re there).

Nice teeth, Heather? (View the video (and read the column) here)

BONUS: You get to see C and D make their movie debuts, and also get some random shots of me making awkward expressions and trying to be normal.


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