Life lessons learned on the playground

Sunscreen on warm, squishy little arms is the loveliest smell after the brutal winter we had, isn’t it? The snow is finally gone (well, mostly) and we’re actually getting warm weather again.

That means the kids and I are officially Playground Junkies from now until the end of October, sometimes hitting up two in one day. We’re lucky enough to live a short walk from one massive park with a playground, and a quick drive from several others.

During our inaugural playground spree a couple of weekends ago, the kids revelled in the ability to run and swing and climb again. “I’m getting lots of exercise!” four-year-old Dexter cried as he ran circles around the playground in sheer delight.

I love watching them explore in the fresh air, but I realized that an hour or two at the playground offers a lot more than just health benefits …

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