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Why we gave our kids debit cards

Why we gave our kids debit cards {Heather's Handmade Life}

We started giving our kids allowance when they were four and six: $4 per week for our four-year-old daughter, and $6 per week for our six-year-old son. One dollar per year of age, we figured, was pretty reasonable.*** ***It eventually (quietly) got downgraded to… Continue Reading “Why we gave our kids debit cards”

Money, allowance, and paying extra for chores

“How about … $20 for the main level, $30 for the basement and $40 for upstairs?” our six-year-old son asked casually. I almost choked on my tea. Keep in mind, we were negotiating a reasonable rate for the “extra” chore of vacuuming — not… Continue Reading “Money, allowance, and paying extra for chores”