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Why (and how) I bring my kids to my Zumba classes

I sit through taekwondo and ballet every week for them, so why shouldn’t they come to Zumba with me? Shouldn’t Mom get a turn to exercise to keep her body healthy, too?

Do you really need ALL of those "meaningful" baby clothes?

You can never have too many nicely-organized storage bins, right? Especially when they’re storing the most precious thing of all — memories! What about those bins of baby clothes, though? I’d limited myself to one bin per child, but they were really big bins.… Continue Reading “Do you really need ALL of those "meaningful" baby clothes?”

The family sleepover solution

I was in no rush to send my eldest for his first sleepover. He’s a homebody and he is especially fond of his bed — the same bed (sheets, pillow, blankets, everything) he’s had since he was a year old. He once cried before… Continue Reading “The family sleepover solution”