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Dear Primary parents

Dear Primary parents, this is what I wish I'd known on the first day of school {Heather's Handmade Life}

Dear first-time Primary parents, This is a big week for you, isn’t it? The first day of school is creeping up. You’re probably alternating between thrilled — pinning healthy lunch ideas and painting a chalkboard for them to proudly hold during those first-day-of-school pictures… Continue Reading “Dear Primary parents”

Early Risers vs. Night Owls

We are a house divided: two against two. Our five-year-old son and I are naturally early risers while my husband and our three-year-old daughter are night owls. The kids have the same bedtime, but they definitely don’t go to sleep at the same time… Continue Reading “Early Risers vs. Night Owls”

The end of naptime

We’ve had some major schedule shake-ups in our house over the past couple of weeks. The kids spent a week at (morning-only) day camp, which was awesome because I could work uninterrupted for three full hours. But it also caused problems because Darling Husband… Continue Reading “The end of naptime”

The Nap Factor

For four and a half years, I built and maintained my freelance career without any childcare (other than Darling Husband, when he’s off, and those three random days I roped in a 12-year-old mother’s helper). It was a HUGE decision for me when I… Continue Reading “The Nap Factor”

The worst game of tag … ever

Almost two (two!) years ago, I posted about how much it sucks when your kids “tag-team” you at night. You know, older kid wakes up screaming/crying, you drag yourself out of bed and deal with them, and then just as you’re falling asleep again,… Continue Reading “The worst game of tag … ever”