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When your baby jumps out of their crib (but is really too young for a toddler bed)

Sometimes when you’re on the second child, you’re able to feel like you really know something. You take what happened with your first child (test baby) and are able to apply it to the second child in a way that makes everything better/easier/more awesome.… Continue Reading “When your baby jumps out of their crib (but is really too young for a toddler bed)”

… and then my toddler started sleepwalking

Happy Saturday evening, everyone. Ready for a sleepy rant-y type of post, fueled by one too many bad nights’ sleep? Sure you are! It’s been a week since the time change, and sleep has been awful. I have a very regimented bedtime of 11… Continue Reading “… and then my toddler started sleepwalking”

All patched up out

I am writing this blog post with my eyes held open by toothpicks. I am writing it now for posterity, so I never forget how tired I am at this moment. We have been trying to get to a local pumpkin patch/farm/corn maze for,… Continue Reading “All patched up out”

Where there’s a will, there’s some sleep

It seemed like D would never sleep well. Do you remember that? He was a very, very, very bad sleeper. He would wake up every two hours all night, and it very slowwwwly increased until we hit four-hour stretches. I was a bleary-eyed zombie… Continue Reading “Where there’s a will, there’s some sleep”

When your kids tag-team

Tag-teaming used to be a good thing. Remember Tag Team’s awesome song, Whoooomp! (There It Is)? I totally loved that song. Still do. (Sidenote: I was 10 when the song came out in 1993, and thought the lyrics were actually “Whooomp! Bad ass! Whooomp!… Continue Reading “When your kids tag-team”