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Dear Primary parents

Dear Primary parents, this is what I wish I'd known on the first day of school {Heather's Handmade Life}

Dear first-time Primary parents, This is a big week for you, isn’t it? The first day of school is creeping up. You’re probably alternating between thrilled — pinning healthy lunch ideas and painting a chalkboard for them to proudly hold during those first-day-of-school pictures… Continue Reading “Dear Primary parents”

Finding the time (for me)

There wasn’t time in my schedule to think, to plan, to daydream. Every minute of the day was scheduled for maximum efficiency. The only time ideas trickled into my thoughts was when I was trying to sleep, and I’d force myself to clear my… Continue Reading “Finding the time (for me)”

Getting organized for the new school year

We’ve got two weeks until D’s first day of school, and C will start preschool the following week. HUGE changes for our family, and that means I’ve got to up my organization game. Here are a few goals on my mind right now: Picking… Continue Reading “Getting organized for the new school year”