The end of naptime

We’ve had some major schedule shake-ups in our house over the past couple of weeks.

The kids spent a week at (morning-only) day camp, which was awesome because I could work uninterrupted for three full hours. But it also caused problems because Darling Husband was only off in the mornings, and it was like … why are we paying for camp if you’re here to be with the kids, and why are we putting them down for “naps” during the 1-2 hours a day they would actually see you? *crickets*

So we decided that as long as he’s on this schedule (working from mid-afternoon until about midnight or 1 a.m.) it made sense to have me work a couple of days a week from 9 a.m. until he had to leave for work, and then I’d stop working mid-afternoon to be with the kids. It would also free me up to have a day or two mostly “off” each week during the summer.

This mean scrapping “naptime” (ha — yeah, like they were REALLY napping every day), and it’s actually worked out pretty well, as I explain in my parenting column this week …

It all started because the scales of nap justice were grossly unbalanced in our house. Both kids were marched up to their rooms after lunch for “quiet time,” in which they had to either nap or play quietly. In a perfect world, the oldest would play quietly and the youngest would nap, right?

Alas, in a cruel twist of fate, the oldest (who shouldn’t be napping) would happily nap and the youngest (who really needed to be napping) refused to nap. It was nap anarchy.

Read the full column

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