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When your child sleepwalks

Let me tell y’all a funny story about sleepwalking.  (Yes, I’m a Southerner when I blog, despite living in cold-ass Nova Scotia.) I try not to (really) embarrass our kids with my writing (sort of) (most of the time) so I’ll keep this story… Continue Reading “When your child sleepwalks”

Why puppies are like newborns

Despite the potty breaks and the accidents and the constant supervision and correcting, puppies are the perfect “third baby.”

Dear Primary parents

Dear Primary parents, this is what I wish I'd known on the first day of school {Heather's Handmade Life}

Dear first-time Primary parents, This is a big week for you, isn’t it? The first day of school is creeping up. You’re probably alternating between thrilled — pinning healthy lunch ideas and painting a chalkboard for them to proudly hold during those first-day-of-school pictures… Continue Reading “Dear Primary parents”