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How to sew a cozy nap mat

DIY nap mat {Heather's Handmade Life}

I don’t know if it’s a common problem with crafters, but does anyone else struggle with a bit of … nerves … when it comes to gifting something handmade (opposed to something store-bought)? There have been times when I’ve given a handmade gift and… Continue Reading “How to sew a cozy nap mat”

All the chevron in the world

My mother-in-law is a fantastic quilter. She measures twice, cuts every precisely, irons everything, and spends months hand-quilting over a frame. I am totally not that kind of quilter. I started making little quilts when I was pregnant with my son, mostly because I… Continue Reading “All the chevron in the world”

Office makeover reveal + giveaway

10 tips for hanging a gallery wall {Heather's Handmade Life}

Let’s talk about my office, shall we? Since I work from home on a freelance basis (more about that here), I carved out a little office in a teeny tiny room in our basement. I made a terrible decision to paint it pale pink… Continue Reading “Office makeover reveal + giveaway”

Fashion Recycling Week: Day 5 (Long-sleeved shirt + saggy pants into a new summer outfit)

It’s Friday, guys! Thanks for sticking with me through Fashion Recycling Week. (If you have absolutely no interest in re-purposing old kiddie clothes, then I’m sorry for bombarding you with my hodge-podge of projects. I think I get overexcited by my rotary cutter!) Behold!… Continue Reading “Fashion Recycling Week: Day 5 (Long-sleeved shirt + saggy pants into a new summer outfit)”

Fashion Recycling Week: Day 4 (Long-sleeved shirt to fringed summer tank)

This week, I’m getting scissor-happy with a few of my daughter’s stained/out-grown/last-season tops — as well as some of my son’s old shirts — to make some new, casual tops for summer. Today’s project requires NO SEWING AT ALL — just a pair of… Continue Reading “Fashion Recycling Week: Day 4 (Long-sleeved shirt to fringed summer tank)”