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Fashion Recycling Week: Day 2 (T-shirt to pillowcase dress/tunic)

This week, I’m going through a few kiddie-clothing remodels that I’ve done, so I could add few casual don’t-care-if-they-get-coated-in-ice-cream shirts to C’s wardrobe. The girl certainly doesn’t lack crisp sundresses or leggings, but she was really short on cruddy tops for beating around the… Continue Reading “Fashion Recycling Week: Day 2 (T-shirt to pillowcase dress/tunic)”

Fashion Recycling Week: Day 1 (T-shirt to ruffled tank)

When D was one and two, he had a lot of hand-me-downs — which meant we had to buy less new clothing, and helped a lot. We’d pick up a few pairs of shorts or whatever he happened to need, but that was about… Continue Reading “Fashion Recycling Week: Day 1 (T-shirt to ruffled tank)”

Fashion Recycling Week: Kick-off party (of sorts)

Weekend naptimes are usually my sewing times, and I value those hours more than you can imagine!  After working Monday through Friday (in my home office, yes, but still working) and spending every other minute wrangling my sweet-but-screamy two-year-old and three-year-old, the idea of… Continue Reading “Fashion Recycling Week: Kick-off party (of sorts)”

Sew your own Frozen costumes for $10 each

We are certainly a Frozen-obsessed household. If you have yet to see Frozen, I can bet that you either do not have small children, OR you do have small children but they are too young/fidgety/easily-frightened-by-movie-deaths and that’s why you haven’t seen it. (FYI the… Continue Reading “Sew your own Frozen costumes for $10 each”

A world of pure imagination

Halloween 2013 will go down in our family history as the first year that all four of us really participated.  Little C turned 18 months just a few days before, and she got to trick-or-treat for the first time.  D was a farmer, of… Continue Reading “A world of pure imagination”