Fashion Recycling Week: Day 5 (Long-sleeved shirt + saggy pants into a new summer outfit)

It’s Friday, guys! Thanks for sticking with me through Fashion Recycling Week.

(If you have absolutely no interest in re-purposing old kiddie clothes, then I’m sorry for bombarding you with my hodge-podge of projects. I think I get overexcited by my rotary cutter!)

Behold! The final project of the week, and it’s a two-piece outfit …

This shirt is a 6-12 month one, I believe, and C got a lot of wear out of it. I love the little necklace printed onto it. It’s way too small to be a long-sleeved top now, though, so something had to be done.

The pair of pants, I must admit, is the only item this week that HASN’T already had a long life in our family — either by C or D. They were either a hand-me-down pair or a thrifted pair, and they’ve always been too saggy for my tiny C. I’m a fan of leggings, and these are really old — more in the “baggy toddler pant” family than the “cute, modern leggings” one.

I chopped off the sleeves entirely, and trimmed the edges of the shirt a bit.

For the pants, I just chopped off the legs and left them as-is — instant shorts!

I did, however, split open the legs of the pants and use the fabric to make a few ruffles for the bottom of the top. Ruffles! Ruffles! RUFFLESSSSS x 1,000!

This is the only project this week that warranted an in-progress sewing photo, it seems?


Here we go! A ruffled tunic tank, with a matching pair of navy dotted shorts. You can see that I stretched out a few scrap pieces of shorts (pants) fabric and tied little bows around the shoulders of the tank top. It took 10 seconds to do, but I think it really adds to it.
Thanks for joining me this week, and I hope I’ve inspired someone (anyone?) to repurpose a few old items, and turn them into something new for spring/summer. It’s a fun, easy project, and it’s rewarding to know you’re reusing something you already have. Love the planet, LOVE RUFFLES, etc. right?


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