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In their tinyness …

I have written before about how quickly C is growing up. (Doesn’t every Mom lament about that, really? But it never gets old, does it?) I know I felt the same way with D, but it feels so much … MORE this time, you… Continue Reading “In their tinyness …”


Dear C, My darling baby girl, today you are exactly four weeks old. It is so cliche for a new parent to exclaim, “It’s going by too quickly!” and “I can’t believe they’re so big already!” but … it’s just all so true. It… Continue Reading “Whirlwind”

Five things I’d forgotten about newborns

They roll their eyes in a creepy way sometimes when they sleep. It’s like they’re possessed! Demon babies! Eeek! Their poo doesn’t really stink, but it does have a smell. Their legs are so crazy-skinny. They don’t respond to your questions, or even smile… Continue Reading “Five things I’d forgotten about newborns”

Our little girl’s birth story

You might think two C-sections would be very similar, but when we had our son, D, back in June of 2010, it was very different. First of all, I went into labour on my own — one day before his due date — so… Continue Reading “Our little girl’s birth story”

Two kids, two names, two ways to mess up

Is it totally horrible that for the first few days, I kept calling our daughter by our son’s name? No? It isn’t? OK, good. My mother grew up in a family with eleven (11!) kids, so she says they were always getting called the… Continue Reading “Two kids, two names, two ways to mess up”