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… and then she was one

On Thursday, my baby girl turned one year old.  I still can’t believe it. A year ago, I was in the hospital having her? A YEAR? How can she be one? As I tell her all the time, she’s just brand-new …  We threw… Continue Reading “… and then she was one”

Countdown to 1

My baby girl is going to be turning ONE in just over a week (a week tomorrow, to be exact). And … … I’m kind of freaking out about it … For several reasons: She won’t be “a baby” anymore. I’m so used to… Continue Reading “Countdown to 1”

The little moments

And now for a post that has absolutely nothing to do with organizing? … I bet you’re surprised to hear from me on a Thursday! I’m loving my decision to participate in Imperfect’s Live More With Less challenge (as seen here, here, and here), because… Continue Reading “The little moments”

On guilt and half-birthdays

My baby girl turns six months old tomorrow, and I can’t stop crying. I have been kind of weepy about her half-birthday all week. I know everyone says everything goes by even faster with second (and subsequent) children because you’re that much busier, and,… Continue Reading “On guilt and half-birthdays”

A day in the life

I’ve been meaning to do one of these posts FOREVER, but it kept getting away from me. I love reading them when other bloggers write them, so I figured I had to take some notes and make it a priority. I work on a… Continue Reading “A day in the life”