Two kids, two names, two ways to mess up

Is it totally horrible that for the first few days, I kept calling our daughter by our son’s name?

No? It isn’t? OK, good.

My mother grew up in a family with eleven (11!) kids, so she says they were always getting called the wrong name. Her mother would be furiously running through the names, and by the time she got to the right one, the kid was laughing too hard to listen.

But I only have TWO kids, so I thought that I wouldn’t have that problem. Hell, they’re not even the same gender!

I always referred to our son as “Baby Boy” here on the blog, which was fine when it was just him. Then he just really wasn’t a baby anymore, so I started writing about him as “The Toddler of Terror” (or just “The Toddler.”)

But now, with two kids? I think I need to change things. Calling our daughter “Baby Girl” would work for now, but what about when she is a toddler, too? “Girl toddler” and “Boy toddler”? Or I could start calling our son “The Preschooler,” I suppose.

For now I’m going to start sticking with their initials — D for our son, and C for our daughter. I have never liked the idea of putting their full real names (or photos) on here, so initials it will be.

It’s not any huge mystery who I am anymore, but I still want to keep their anonymity somewhat. This is a blog about mama rants, raves, and wonderings, and while they are key players in that, it’s my opinion that gets typed up and published.

Darling Husband will remain “Darling Husband,” of course, because he really is. Especially right now, as I recover from this C-section, and he is taking care of D single-handedly and doing everything around the house. He’s Extra-Darling Husband right now.

Until he forgets my next dose of painkillers, that is …

So what do you think?

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