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Dear C, My darling baby girl, today you are exactly four weeks old. It is so cliche for a new parent to exclaim, “It’s going by too quickly!” and “I can’t believe they’re so big already!” but … it’s just all so true. It… Continue Reading “Whirlwind”

Dear Baby Girl

Dear Baby Girl, I can’t believe I’m almost 33 weeks pregnant, and have yet to write you a single letter. I feel guilty because I wrote more letters for your big brother, and I don’t want you to feel like I love you any less.… Continue Reading “Dear Baby Girl”

I hope I never forget …

Dear Baby, I don’t know if it’s the fact that one of my dearest friends just welcomed her own beautiful little baby boy (sure to be one of your closest friends) … … or the fact that you, my own little baby, are suddenly… Continue Reading “I hope I never forget …”

Dear Baby …

You watched your first NHL playoff game last night, with me and Daddy. The Montreal Canadiens (our team, as you’ll quickly learn) were playing the Washington Capitols. It was a very close game, and you were getting just as riled up as Daddy. He… Continue Reading “Dear Baby …”

Dear Baby …

Monday, April 12, 2010 32 weeks, 1 day pregnant Why are you only kicking me on my right side? The doctor said your head was down, but wouldn’t that mean you would kick upwards, like in the middle of my belly? Perhaps you are… Continue Reading “Dear Baby …”