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Attack of the VBAC: Why moms who only have C-sections can feel like losers

So … I had C-sections. Two of ’em. When I went into labour with D, it was a long, drawn-out, basically horrible affair that went on forever and ended with a semi-emergency C-section. (You can read about it all here, here, here, and here if… Continue Reading “Attack of the VBAC: Why moms who only have C-sections can feel like losers”

C-section smackdown: emergency versus scheduled

When I was waiting for my scheduled C-section, I spent a lot of time wondering if it would be similiar to my first C-section. Knowing what’s ahead might have made it easier, or it might have made it harder, because I would be pscyhing myself… Continue Reading “C-section smackdown: emergency versus scheduled”

Our little girl’s birth story

You might think two C-sections would be very similar, but when we had our son, D, back in June of 2010, it was very different. First of all, I went into labour on my own — one day before his due date — so… Continue Reading “Our little girl’s birth story”

Five things I’d forgotten about hospitals

They are loud places not very conducive to sleeping. You get checked on a lot. The baby gets checked on a lot. IVs are not only gross to look at, but they make it super-hard to move around. And sleep. And breastfeed. They give you a… Continue Reading “Five things I’d forgotten about hospitals”

A year ago today …

… it was two days before my due date. My water broke.I went to the hospital.And I began what ended up being a 17-hour labour that turned into a C-section. I can’t believe that was a YEAR ago. I can’t believe that tomorrow, I’m… Continue Reading “A year ago today …”