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Converting a child’s closet to built-in shelves

Kids' closet organization with built-in shelves {Heather's Handmade Life}

When faced with a mess, it’s often our instinct to conceal with storage bins or doors. But in the case of our son’s closet, the answer was actually to remove the doors completely.   While it wasn’t a wreck of hidden dirty laundry and… Continue Reading “Converting a child’s closet to built-in shelves”

Creative paint storage solutions

One of the best parts of my new laundry room / DIY studio is that I finally have ALL of my paint in one glorious, organized colour-coded spot! Before the studio, when the room looked like hell, I was storing our large paint cans… Continue Reading “Creative paint storage solutions”

Converting our bi-fold closet doors to double doors

It seems I’m always tweaking something in our front hall closet — mainly because it’s one of the messiest, frequently-used spots in the house. I thought I’d done everything I could to make the closet functional and attractive. I’d removed the hanging rod and… Continue Reading “Converting our bi-fold closet doors to double doors”

Playmobil storage shelves

Disclosure: We received a Playmobil set to play with and review, but all opinions (and strange tableaus) are our own. It’s one thing to keep your kids’ toys organized, but it’s another thing to find a system that also looks good. We had great… Continue Reading “Playmobil storage shelves”

DIY cutlery divider from scrap wood

I’d tried to organize our cutlery drawer with white plastic dividers of different sizes, but it wasn’t anything special. Everything still slid around and it was hard to reach the items at the back. (Have I lost you yet? Is it just the people… Continue Reading “DIY cutlery divider from scrap wood”