DIY cutlery divider from scrap wood

I’d tried to organize our cutlery drawer with white plastic dividers of different sizes, but it wasn’t anything special. Everything still slid around and it was hard to reach the items at the back.

(Have I lost you yet? Is it just the people who love organizing who are still reading? Hi guys.)

We also kept running out of small spoons and large forks, but the case of “fancy” cutlery was somewhere in the basement — where it made an appearance once or twice a year, on holidays.

After seeing some inspiration on Pinterest, I decided I was going to raid my scrap wood pile and make a simple divider that would fit exactly the items we wanted to keep in that drawer.

I re-homed the can-opener and the scissors elsewhere in the kitchen, and tossed the plastic spoons in the cupboard with the plastic dishes. This drawer was going to be all cutlery, all the time — and it was going to look good, dammit.

I started by taking everything out of the drawer, wiping out (most of) the crumbs, and arranging both sets of cutlery inside. I decided the steak knives weren’t going to fit after all, so they found a new home across the room. But it was going to be a beautiful new living arrangement for everybody else: the everyday stuff and the fancy set with gold detail.

I actually got out my measuring tape and the drawer was 19 inches long and 18 inches wide, so I sketched out that I could make two rows of nine-inch dividers, with an 18-inch bar along the middle. Since the 1x2s were an inch thick — or so I thought — nine plus nine plus one (for the middle bar) would equal the 19-inch depth of the drawer.

I put on a podcast and quickly cut out all of the wood with my trusty RYOBI mitre saw: 10 chunks of 1×2 measuring nine inches, and one long piece measuring 18 inches — and then a second 18-inch piece when I realized I needed the length. You see, 1×2 boards are liars and are not actually a full inch …

Continue reading in my weekly DIY column, My Handmade Home …

Continue reading in my weekly DIY column, My Handmade Home …

One Comment on “DIY cutlery divider from scrap wood

  1. Very good Post Actually, it inspired me a lot by reading every line form top to bottom, Thanks for sharing your practical experience all though 🙂


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