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My Husband Rocks Friday: Our Organized Toy Wall

I haven’t done one of these posts in ages (as my husband likes to remind me), but that doesn’t mean he’s been anything less than awesome!   Here is our latest accomplishment — taking items we already had (like an old entertainment unit), wrangling… Continue Reading “My Husband Rocks Friday: Our Organized Toy Wall”


I’m a productive person. Nothing feels better to me than crossing things off lists, taking care of little annoying things that have been bothering me, or tackling a project (especially a home organization or decor project, when I know I’ll appreciate the results again… Continue Reading “Productivity”

How I turned my ugly hall closet into a pretty mudroom

Pinterest is awesome about making us want things we don’t have, or can’t have, isn’t it? It often makes me want brownies filled with caramel, and white chocolate drizzly desserts, and other things I would never normally make or buy.   Pinterest REALLY made… Continue Reading “How I turned my ugly hall closet into a pretty mudroom”

I have a little label problem

On Tuesday you saw the closet dividers I made for D’s closet, yesterday we toured my master bedroom closet, and today we’re moving onto the linen closet. Uh, hooray for closets? Sorry for boring you? If anyone is still reading, maybe you also get… Continue Reading “I have a little label problem”

Cleaning out my closet

My closet had been pretty organized since we moved into our House of Dreams back in October, but slowwwwly, slowwwly … things started to go awry … It was a jumble of clothes. A clothing explosion, if you will. And see that big overflowing basket near the… Continue Reading “Cleaning out my closet”