Cleaning out my closet

My closet had been pretty organized since we moved into our House of Dreams back in October, but slowwwwly, slowwwly … things started to go awry …

It was a jumble of clothes. A clothing explosion, if you will. And see that big overflowing basket near the door? That’s outgrown kiddie-clothing. In MY closet! The nerve!

Normally when I’d clean my closet, I would just kind of tidy it up and then move on. But this time I decided to be hard-core!

I took every. single. thing. out.

Everything was tossed onto our bed. This picture probably doesn’t do it justice. It was a MOUND of clothing. Like H&M and Smart Set threw up in my room. Seriously.

I knew I wanted some storage baskets for the shelves in my closet, but I also knew that storage baskets are expennnnnnnsive, yo.

So I headed for my BFF: the Dollar Store. Seriously, I should change the name of this blog to “Things I Bought at the Dollar Store This Week.”

$1.50 storage bins! Hello! I grabbed six.

Yes, this is a $1.50 dishpan! Otherwise known as a SUPER-STUDY STORAGE BIN. Do you know how much this would cost at a regular store, if it was displayed in the storage bin section. Like $10. I KNOW, RIGHT?

I got busy (whooooo!) with my $1.50 storage bins, and sorted out every last item of clothing (donating several garbage bags in the process).

Am I the only one who has trouble donating things, because you keep thinking of how expensive it was when you bought it, or how it’s reeeeeeeally nice, and you MIGHT wear it again? I have a huge problem with that.

I solve the problem by donating everything to my mom! She probably only keeps a couple of items (usually just shoes and bras, maybe the odd top), and then she turns around and donates the rest. But it makes me feel better giving it to her, rather than thinking of my NICE CLOTHES (not actually that nice) ending up in a $1 bin somewhere.

Anyway, back to what we’re all here to see! The gloriously organized after photos!

Oooooh .. Ahhhhh!

$1.50 dishpans become cute handbag storage bins, amiright?

The sight of all those beautiful white bins kind of melts my heart.

Oh, make sure to say hi to Billy Bunny. He’s kind of been my bestie since I was like eight months old. He used to sleep with me every night, until I had kids and he started falling behind the bed (escaping?) and I couldn’t reach him, and I was too tired to bother rescuing him, but I always felt guilty about it. So now he lives in his little chair my Grandpa built for him. Hi, Billy!

I also decided to make fresh new labels for all of my bins of outgrown and not-yet-grown-into kiddie clothes. Nothing better than a fresh label.


Ahhh, more storage bin love …

Fresh labels on the kiddie bins!

Yes, we have a LOT of kiddie clothes.
No, I’m not positive we’re having more kids.
Yes, I’m going to keep the clothes until I’m SURE.
No, I do not enjoy having them in my closet.
(You can see the dilemna here?)

The only clothes pictured are the clothes I actually WEAR (or will wear, once the weather is cooler).

I’m happy to report that I did this two weeks ago, and my* closet is still looking fantastic! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, where I’ll show you … drumroll, please … my linen closet.

I know, I know. The excitement is too much to handle!

*If you noticed that I keep saying “my” closet, it’s not because Darling Husband moved out. He didn’t! I promise! He just only has about five “hang-up” items, and everything else lives in his dresser. He’s a casual kind of guy, you know?

3 Comments on “Cleaning out my closet

  1. Love this! And you're so right- if these bins were displayed at the container store, they'd be a boatload more! You've inspired me to take a trip to my local Dollar Tree and search for some organizational goodies!


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