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Tick tock

Saturday, October 10, 20095 WEEKS, 6 DAYS PREGNANT Still have not thrown up. But came very close today. SO. MANY. CRACKERS!

My nose knows!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 5 WEEKS, 2 DAYS PREGNANT The heightened sense of smell has arrived! It started last night, when Darling Husband and I were dining out for date night. He ordered a meat-loaded pizza, and the smell of sausage was overpowering. It… Continue Reading “My nose knows!”

Pass the crackers

Monday, October 5, 2009 5 WEEKS, 1 DAY PREGNANT They say that morning sickness can begin in the sixth week of pregnancy, and — whatddya know! — I started to feel sick this morning. I placed crackers by the bed last night, so Little… Continue Reading “Pass the crackers”

I swear, there are pennies in my mouth …

Ha! Maybe I’m not just a hypochondriac — well, not as much, maybe. I just found an article on that said “if you’re extremely tuned into your body’s rhythms, you may begin to suspect you’re pregnant soon after conception.” The article went on… Continue Reading “I swear, there are pennies in my mouth …”

Six ways to reduce morning sickness

I’ve got morning sickness on the brain this morning, as I sit here at my desk. What will it be like to be feeling pukey while supposedly trying to work? Will it be totally hard to hide it from my colleagues? How hard will… Continue Reading “Six ways to reduce morning sickness”